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Feature Mailchimp
All-in-one platform for managing contacts, automating emails, getting real-time insights and working in teams Yes No
Cost of storing 5,000 contacts Free $49.99
Built-in features keeping contact database clean, including tracking email deliveribility and duplicate entries Yes No
Team access Yes No
Real-time data synchronization Yes No
User permissions & access control Yes No
Smart notifications keeping contacts up-to-date Yes No
Edit history with unlimited ability to undo changes and version control Yes No
Complete contact profiles, including relationship rating, email history, work history, etc Yes No
Unlimited campaigns Yes No
Automatic follow-up messages Yes No
Plain-text emails as well as drag&drop email builder Yes No
Instant contact database import, including uploading Excel database as is without preformatting Yes No
Tailored to the needs of PR, IR and sales professionals Yes No
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