Public relations

Clean media database, up-to-date contacts, personalized pitches and automatic follow-ups


Keep track of journalists and clean media database helps you keeps track of journalists and keep your media database clean and up-to-date. No more bounced back emails or duplicate entries. Detailed profiles on all of your contacts ensure you remember every important detail about them, from birthdays to work history.

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Verified deliverable emails

No need to worry about undeliverable email addresses or duplicate entries.’s smart notifications do the mundane work for you, ensuring that your contacts are always up-to-date.

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Track email opens and clicks

Understand if clients open your emails, when they do it, whether or not they click on links and much more. Gain useful insights and become more effective.

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Automatic follow-up messages

Follow-up messages are arguably the worst part of a PR pros job. However, automates this time-consuming task and let’s users define a personal follow-up message and schedule it to be automatically sent to those contacts that didn’t respond to your first message.

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Collaborate with colleagues has all of the instruments you need to be able to work as a team to keep track of contacts and distribute emails together. Our free plan includes three accounts, so invite your coworkers and do your work even faster.

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Clean and up to date contact database, automatic emails, smart notifications and much more

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